Prices to pay for old computers...

From: Kip Crosby <>
Date: Fri May 22 10:03:49 1998

At 17:22 5/22/98 +1000, Desie wrote:
>yes I am talking about the original 16kb-64kb model............
>I wounder how many IBM PCs are still out there with only cassette input and
>16KB of RAM............
>no floppy drives.............
>oh well

Of the 16K-64K mb's there are reputed to have been two distinct series,
called "Series 0" and "Series 1." A 16K, Series 0, no-floppy IBM PC is
alleged to have sold at auction in the UK for over UKP 10,000 ....and my
intuition (but no more than that) detects an institutional buyer. (And not
auction like eBay -- auction like Christie's.)

Kip Crosby
Computer History Association of California
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