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From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Fri May 22 20:21:10 1998

Sam Ismail wrote:
> I'm really sorry about my last message. It was intended to be private to
> Doug only.
> Sam Alternate e-mail:

Don't be sorry. It was accurate and to the point. My own Everex
P133 notebook came with '95 pre-installed, I begrudge the extra cost.
On its 1.3 GB disk it has 1 1GB Linux partition (I fips'd it the week
[the day] I got it), I backed up the '95 garbage, it now runs Caldera
OpenDOS (I haven't felt the need to upgrade to the DR-DOS that it's
been renamed back to) for the rare occasions when I boot in non-linux
mode. OpenDOS is _much_ more stable as the foundation when I'm using
WABI for those occasional work-related tasks requiring Win compatibility
than missed-DOS was. And yes, everything is formally licensed except
for the Microsoft scat that came preinstalled -- I have to take the
vendor's word on that part. And don't care, since it's not there
anymore anyway.

Sorry Sam, these flamewars _will_ spring up and die down occasionally.
We're here to discuss classic computers, but there _will_ be times
when things stray from the main line. The idea is not to take life too
seriously -- eventually we die whether we had fun or not. My CoCo's
for instance are a _lot_ more fun than my Windoze systems -- but one of
the latter is presently the main NFS server here at home (though my wife
doesn't _know_ that I did that to her under-utilized P-166).
Ward Griffiths
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