Nasty little Sanyo (was Re:Original IBM PC (was Re: Prices to pay for old computers))

From: Joe <>
Date: Fri May 22 22:49:26 1998

At 08:37 PM 5/22/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Kirk Scott wrote:
>> ...... When I had this nasty little Sanyo MBC-55x machine.......
>> Just saw one of these at a friend's place tonight and she was interested
in getting rid of it. I think the model number was MBC-5510 (???). She said
she also had a printer that came with it. What is it? What would be a
reasonable price to offer for it?
>That's the older type machines (4 digit model number) and not the "MSDOS
compatible" (yeah right) that I was speaking of. I believe the 5510 was a
CP/M machine that ran a Z80 processor and someone else in the list may hae
more exposure to those. The units
>I'm speaking of are in the model numbers of MBC-550 (one SSDD drive),
MBC-555 (2 SSDD drives), MBC-550-2 (one DSDD drive) and MBC-555-2 (2 DSDD
drives) and other similar numbers that are three place 55x series model
numbers. It ran an 8088 4.77mhz

  You're mostly right but they had 3.58 MHz crystal. TV color burst
crystals were cheaper than 4.77 Mhz crystals.

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