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Date: Sat May 23 00:50:05 1998

On Fri, 22 May 1998, R. Stricklin (kjaeros) wrote:

> Orange Micro Grappler +. How is this better than the Orange Micro Printer
> Interface that I got with my ][plus? I assume the quad DIP switch at the
> back end is to set communications parameters. Looking at the traces I'm
> guessing it's a serial interface.

The Grappler+ has 64K onboard buffer. But something tells me I had an
argument with Frank M. over this a while back.

> The most interesting: a "Mockingboard Sound/Speech 1'. Looks remarkably
> like a DAC/speech synth. I'm guessing even stereo? It's got two DACs and a
> pair of LM386 chips. It's got three potentiometers across the top and a 4
> pin BERG header which I'm thinking is the output stage. I want to play
> with this. How?

The Mockingboard is a way cool sound card for the Apple ][. To use it?
Get a copy of Ultima II or III or IV or V for one. Ultima is the one
program that comes to mind that supported the Mockingboard. Yes, it also
does speech synthesis. Post a message on comp.sys.apple2 and I'm sure
you'll be directed as to where you can get some software to play with it.

> What are the differences between the Apple ][, ][plus, and //e?

Apple ][: Integer BASIC in ROM; normally had "manual start" ROMs
           (required the user to boot the machine by punching in an
           address and the GO command in the monitor)
Apple ][+: AppleSoft BASIC in ROM; autostart ROMs
Apple //e: Lowercase, 64K, 80 columns
> What I'd really like is to start a good long discussion on Apple use and
> lore. If somebody has the patience to start this with me, I'd appreciate
> it. I've got other stuff I want to know about but this'll do for now. (:

Ask away either privately or in the open. The Apple ][ is my personal

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