Mac monitor--can it be used for other computers?

From: John Ruschmeyer <>
Date: Sat May 23 13:48:54 1998

> I have one of the older Mac Monitors, the AppleColor High Resolution,
> model MO401. It came out around the time the Mac II did (ca. 1987?) and
> uses a monitor cable with a 15-pin plug.
> Can this monitor be adapted for use with
> a. Apple II
> b. IBM PC's or clones
> c. Amiga 1000
> d. C-64?

I'd say definately no to the IBM or the C-64.

As for the others, I always get confused... is the AppleColor High Res a
Mac monitor or the one that went with the Apple //gs?

If it is the Mac monitor, then I'd say no... it'd have a resolution of
640x480, but with really odd vertical and horizontal frequencies.

If it's the Apple iigs monitor, then it is a CGA resolution monitor,
but analog. It would work on an Apple //gs, probably could get a card
for the Apple II, and should be adaptable to an Amiga.

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