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Date: Sat May 23 20:25:08 1998

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>At 16:31 5/22/98 +0100, you wrote:
>>back on topic though, what cassette unit could be connected up to the
>>original PC machines? Was it a custom IBM unit only (similar to the way
>>the C64's only accept Commodore tape decks), or could anything be used
>>if a cable was made up?
>There was a discussion on here a while back about whether IBM had ever made
>cassette decks to attach to that port, and IIRC, the outcome was
>inconclusive. If such a thing existed, certainly there were never many of
>them. In general, the favorite commodity cassette recorder for the purpose
>was one of the long Panasonics with the carrying handle.
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Apple Lisa Web Page:

yes a cable is needed on one end it has the plug for the IBM and on the
other it has 2 connectors for the input and output on the cassette
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