Nasty little Sanyo (was Re:Original IBM PC (was Re: Prices to pay for old computers))

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Sun May 24 07:18:13 1998

Marvin wrote:
> Russ/Alice Blakeman wrote:
> >
> > So it's unanimous - all Sanyo MBC-55x machines, working or not, that
> > are not a part of a Camry fender, are to be executed immediately to
> > save our planet.
> Well, I have three and while they are not (IMHO) a significant part of
> computer history, they do play a part in the scheme of things and thus
> are worthwhile keeping. Hmmm, judging by all the comments on this list,
> maybe they were a significant part of computer history :).

Well, I wouldn't call them a significant part of computer history,
but they _do_ stand out in the memories of those who had to deal
with them. (The few, the proud, the ...)
Ward Griffiths
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