Converting 220 to 110

From: Russ/Alice Blakeman <>
Date: Sun May 24 10:52:11 1998

Sam Ismail wrote:

> Ok, I'm no electrical wiz. I have an old computer that wants 220. First
> of all, I got this computer without the 3-prong plug (it'd been cut off).
> Without paying attention to the "220" which was written on the transformer
> inside, I wired a plug onto the power cord and plugged it in. Needless to
> say the unit didn't come on, but I'm hoping that it didn't mess anything
> up. I wouldn't think it did.

Part of it is whether it wants 50 cycle/hz power at 220. Most 220 power (Europe) is
50 hz as opposed to 110/117v US power at 60 cycles/hz. This can definitley make a
difference. I used to have a covertor schematic somewhere that allowed sine wave
conversion to 50, 60 and 400 hz output but it apparently vanished with a few other
things when I moved from kansas when I retired from the USAF.

You can get away with running 220 60hz to machinery that are motor oriented. My
lathe is a 220v 50 OR 60 hz machine but of course there's no electronics involved
in it, just plain analog electrical theory.

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