Nasty little Sanyo (was Re:Original IBM PC (was Re: Prices to pay for old computers))

From: Russ/Alice Blakeman <>
Date: Sun May 24 11:17:58 1998

Doug Yowza wrote:

> On Sat, 23 May 1998, Russ/Alice Blakeman wrote:
> > So it's unanimous - all Sanyo MBC-55x machines, working or not, that are
> > not a part of a Camry fender, are to be executed immediately to save our
> > planet.
> OK, I'll stick up for the Sanyo. I liked the keyboard. At a time when
> the only alternative was the IBM clicker, it was great to have a nice
> quiet keyboard with just the right amount of key travel. The Microswitch
> keyboards that came later for the PC were the only thing that I liked
> better.

Not bad considering you had no ALT key.

> It had TEAC floppy drives.

And that was the first thing I pulled to put into my neat little Taiwan Clone
8088 turbo. Teac drives are still me favorites.

> Even though it was a bit odd to have an Apple-compatible joystick port, at
> least it wasn't an add-on option like IBM's.

Due to the fact it had no card slots, so you had to buy everything from Sanyo.
I did take a header/DIP connection that plugs into the chip soket and ran a
cable from it to a 15 pin d-sub on the outside of the case and then used a
stock IBM analog type joystick from that point on.

> It had composite output, so you didn't have to buy an expensive monitor as
> you did with IBM.

I have tons of original IBM CGA adapters from XT and AT machines that have
composite outputs on them here. Just depended on what you wanted to spend.

> It was *cheap*. I got mine for something like $600 at the San Diego Price
> Club when IBM's were going for a coupla grand. There was no alternative
> x86 box for poor folk until the Taiwanese came to town.

I bought the clone that replaced the Sanyo for $200 in bare-bones config, new.
That was case, power supply, one floppy, 640k memory, motherboard and 4.77/10
mhz processor (which I swapped out for a V20 later), keyboard and I/.O card
with floppy and hard drive controller (1:1 interleave). All I had to do is
drop in a hard drive, video card and monitor.

The clone had a 100w (I think) power supply. I think the Sanyo had a 35w and
it had to be modified to handle full RAM, video adapter, serial port and two

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