Voltages on S/34 DC distribution panel

From: Max Eskin <maxeskin_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Mon May 25 17:29:39 1998

Thanks, but I've decided to give the thing to William Donzelli if
he has the time to pick it up. If not, it's one less System/34 in the
world (the administration cares not for computer history).
>The plate at the very top of this assembly is +5V distribution.
>The smaller plate just below and left of it is the O/C Sense Plate.
>Pins on middle DC panel:
>+5 VDC Feature PS B
>+12VDC Feature PS A
>+12VDC Feature PS A (Or regulator)
>-4VDC base
>-4vdc base
>+6vdc base
>-5vdc base
>+8.5 vdc base
>+24VDC base
>-24VDC base
>The bottom panel is the Feature Distribution Assembly
>+5VDC Feature PS C
>+5VDC Feature PS D
>This came from the IBM System/34 5340 System Unit Maintenance Manual.

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