Tandy web page malarkey

From: Sam Ismail <dastar_at_wco.com>
Date: Mon May 25 18:25:01 1998

Check out Tandy's version of history from their web page:

"1977 TRS-80 Model I Personal Computer introduced.
            (First mass-marketed personal computer. In contrast to
            build-it-yourself computers available at the time, the TRS-80
            was fully-wired and tested. Sold at a breakthrough price of
            $599. More than 200,000 TRS-80 computers were sold from
            1977 to 1981.)"

Ok, let's conveniently forget about the Apple ][. This is the most
blatant denial of reality and outright lie I've ever seen a company
publicly endorse.

"1980 TRS-80 Model 100 Portable Computer introduced.
            (First computer ever to feature five programs and a
            telephone modem built-in. Used by journalists throughout
            the world.)"

First I question the year (I know it was later than 1980). This claim is
dubious at best. Mostly its broad and irrelevant. It seems they're
trying so hard to make this seem like a breakthrough (it was) that they
forgot to mention the real reasons why.

"1984 Tandy 1000 Personal Computer introduced.
            (First PC-compatible personal computer. Within one year,
            the Tandy 1000 became the best-selling PC-compatible

God, what a load of chicken turds. I think they missed this distinction
by 3 years and umpteen other companies. I'd like to kick the guy who
wrote all this crap in the nuts.

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