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From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Mon May 25 21:37:39 1998

Sam Ismail <> wrote:
> An HP Integral PC. I didn't much pay attention to the one Frank M.
> brought to VCF 1.0 so it was all new to me when I actually started messing
> with this one. I couldn't get it to do anything useful though. How do I
> drop out of PAM and into a shell? This one has a 1Meg RAM Carrier and a
> Serial Interface.

Well, it also helps to have a shell. That's why I also brought
that 9134 disc drive -- it has the development set loaded on it,
which makes it behave a bit more like a Un*x box.

Failing that, PAM has a little bit of shell functionality in it. You
can use it to look at text files, also you can get a list of files in
your current directory by typing "echo *" in its command-line area.
(No, PAM doesn't show you everything.)


Tony mentioned HP-IL and that made me think of what I've been plodding
through today: a box full of HP-41 and HP-IL documentation. Shame I
didn't grab any of the hardware (other folks did, and left the manuals
-- so far as hardware I was concentrating on 9114s that I knew I could
use with my Portable Plus and some other little bits), but maybe next
time I cross the path of some I'll have a better idea of what to look

So what have I got? Well, thus far:

The HP-IL Interface Specification
   p/n 82166-90017, Nov 1982
HP 00041-15043 HP-IL Development Module Owner's Manual
   p/n 00041-90449 Rev B, Oct 1984
1LB3-0003 The HP-IL Integrated Circuit User's Manual
   p/n 82166-90016 Rev B, Nov 1983
HP 82166C The HP-IL Interface Kit Technical Guide
   p/n 82166-90020 Rev B, May 1983
HP 82166A HP-IL Converter Technical Manual
   p/n 82166-90002, Nov 1982
HP 82165A HP-IL/GPIO Interface HP 81266A HP-IL Converter Manual Supplement
   p/n 82165-90012, Oct 1982

OK, that is what I found in the first binder. Somehow I have a feeling
I'm gonna wish I had Tony's clues by the time I get done with this.

-Frank McConnell
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