From: Marvin Johnston <>
Date: Mon May 25 23:49:55 1998

On Mon, 25 May 1998, Sam Ismail wrote:

> On Mon, 25 May 1998, Wirehead Prime wrote:
> > cpu card...not the cpu cabinet, motherboard etc. I've been told by other
> > folks making offers that the offer of $100 is reasonable but you were the
> > first to make an offer on it.
> $105 for an IMSAI CPU board and some random documentation!? Talk about
> absurd.

Sam, you seem to be acquiring stuff (as most of us are) from people who
don't really have a clue what it might be worth. I've seen people buy
IMSAI CPU boards for $25 with zero documentation, and be pleased as punch
at what they got. If I didn't already have several sets of IMSAI
documentation, I would have considered buying that set as it sounds like
it was complete and in good shape.
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