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From: Huw Davies <H.Davies_at_latrobe.edu.au>
Date: Tue May 26 02:17:07 1998

At 01:23 AM 26-05-98 -0400, Ward Donald Griffiths III wrote:

>Well, you're supposed to be kneeling on the floor in front of the
>console with a rooster and a knife, but a voltmeter and a scope are
>a good alternative.

No, roosters and knives only work for Q-Bus systems - you need virgin
sacrifice for those Unibus versions :-)

To add some real content :-) I used to maintain a number of 78x and 8600
systems. I had no formal qualifications in VAX maintenance, just on the job
training! Most embarrassing early moment was inserting the small grant
continuity cards in every free slot and being very confused when the whole
thing didn't work.

Hint - although the cards are keyed, sufficient force will insert them
backwards. This was only discovered when comparing with the full sized
version :-(

Of course, there was the day that the BA-11 power supply made lots of
pretty white smoke and we don't want to talk about the three phase double
adaptor :-)

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