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Date: Tue May 26 03:44:29 1998

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>At 01:46 PM 5/22/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>> Your hopes are dashed. The only pricey IBM PCs are the ones that had
>>> installed at the factory and weren't upgraded. The 64K ones are
>>That's absurd (bordering on perverse) -- what could you DO with a machine
>>like that? (Yes, run BASIC and use cassettes... I know.)
>In my day, sonny, 16K was plenty of room. Back then, we knew how to
>program. It was an art. Not like the kids today, with their megabytes and
>Gooeys and write-once-read-many, magneto-optical, doohickies... (whups,
>gotta go, time for maaaatttlooock!)
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I have one question , well I actually have two......
though, what software came on cassetes?
and what is the most common fault in the IBM full height floppy drives that
makes them die???

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