HP Portable Plus

From: Doug Yowza <yowza_at_yowza.com>
Date: Tue May 26 17:12:31 1998

On 26 May 1998, Frank McConnell wrote:

> If you open the battery door (center rear) you will find a jumper and
> a tiny switch. The switch is full-reset-zap-everything. The jumper
> is what connects the battery to the rest of the system, and may be set
> incorrectly if the unit is never-used or someone clueful stored it
> with the knowledge that it wouldn't be used for a while. Of course I
> can't remember which way is "correct" and my Pluses are being
> difficult w/r/t door removal this morning.
> Ah, there we go. The jumper fits over a three-pin header, and the pin
> to the right (assuming you're facing the back, so the one on the
> Ctrl-key side of the Plus) should be exposed for normal operation (the
> other two should be connected with the jumper).

Thanks, changing the jumper and hitting reset did the trick. I needed to
reformat the RAM disk after the reset, but I have a couple of "advanced
mail" apps in ROM that seem to expect files to be present on the RAM disk.
Is there some special way to setup the ROM apps, or do I manually create
directories and files as I get errors?

-- Doug
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