Apple IIgs in Apple II case?

From: D. Peschel <>
Date: Tue May 26 20:13:01 1998

> It's not a conversion or anything, it's original from Apple. It looks
> exactly like a IIe except for the model emblem and the back panel.

As someone already pointed out, you have an official Apple product, a //e-
to-//gs upgrade. When we got our family //e, I had fantasies about that
upgrade, but we never got it (and I guess VERY few other people did either).

I seem to remember the list price as around $800. $864? Something like that.

Do you have the normal //e-size monitor? That would be an advantage over the
stock //gs. Do you also have the same //e keyboard? Has it been converted to
use ADB? I always liked the feel of the //e's keyboard better than the //gs'
little keyboard. But if the upgrade's keyboard isn't modular like the regular
//gs, that would be a disadvantage in some ways.

-- Derek
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