Apple IIgs in Apple II case?

Date: Tue May 26 21:01:54 1998

yes indeedy, apple provided an upgrade path for //e users. for $500 you got a
new gs planar, and a sticker that replaced the lower case apple //e one with
//gs. of course, one of the caveats is you didnt get ADB and seperate
keyboard. i dont think many people upgraded due to the price. i have an old
magazine that had a writeup about the upgrade. if anyone's that interested i
can look up details or make copies. message me privately.


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<< > It's not a conversion or anything, it's original from Apple. It looks
> exactly like a IIe except for the model emblem and the back panel.
 As someone already pointed out, you have an official Apple product, a //e-
 to-//gs upgrade. When we got our family //e, I had fantasies about that
 upgrade, but we never got it (and I guess VERY few other people did either).
 I seem to remember the list price as around $800. $864? Something like
that. >>
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