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From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Tue May 26 22:09:51 1998

On Tue, 26 May 1998, Max Eskin wrote:

> I have a little dilemma here. For one thing, I have an Apple //c. I am
> being offered an Apple ][+ (I think) for free that has a Digital
> Research z-80 card in it,with manual, as well as an external keyboard
> kludge. There is also software. However, there is an issue with space.
> Is there any way to modify the Apple //c to make it take expansion
> cards? Should I just take the ][+? Also, how much should I pay for a

Nope. The //c is a mostly closed system. Add-on RAM and Z-80 cards were
made for it (among other things I'm sure) but it simply can't take Apple
][ cards. The //c is so small, just tuck that away under your bed and get
the ][+ as well. They're both fun to play with.

> Laser 128? It's being offered for $25 at a thrift shop w/o PSU. Lastly,

Skip the Laser 128, especially at that price. Wait til you find one for
$10 or less. They can be found pretty readily.

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