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Date: Wed May 27 10:32:31 1998

At 07:37 PM 5/26/98 +0100, you wrote:
>> Tony mentioned HP-IL and that made me think of what I've been plodding
>> through today: a box full of HP-41 and HP-IL documentation. Shame I
>Well done!. Some of those manuals are not common
>> So what have I got? Well, thus far:
>> The HP-IL Interface Specification
>> p/n 82166-90017, Nov 1982
>IIRC that's the low-level spec of the HPIL and it gives things like the
>electrical description of 0's and 1's, the frame formats, etc.
>> HP 00041-15043 HP-IL Development Module Owner's Manual
>> p/n 00041-90449 Rev B, Oct 1984
>A ROM for the HP41, I think. Essential if you use HPIL on the 41, but
>I've only really used it on the 71B and the HP150-II.

   Yes, it's a ROM for the 41. It's a very good ROM and usefull even if
you don't have any HP-IL stuff.
>> 1LB3-0003 The HP-IL Integrated Circuit User's Manual
>> p/n 82166-90016 Rev B, Nov 1983
>The 1LB3 is a custom HP chip that sits on an 8 bit microprocessor bus and
>talks HPIL on the other side. Most HP HPIL units, apart from the handheld
>calculators, contain this chip. That book is essentially the data sheet
>for it
>> HP 82166C The HP-IL Interface Kit Technical Guide
>> p/n 82166-90020 Rev B, May 1983
>Dunno that one. Possibly the manual for the kit that contained 1LB3s and
>some programmed 3870 microcontrollers?

   Yes, exactly. It shows the description of all the parts in the kit and
has the schematics of the 82166 convertor. It has more but I can't find my
copy at the moment.
>> HP 82166A HP-IL Converter Technical Manual
>> p/n 82166-90002, Nov 1982

  The operating manual for the 82166.

>> HP 82165A HP-IL/GPIO Interface HP 81266A HP-IL Converter Manual Supplement
>> p/n 82165-90012, Oct 1982

   The operating manual for the 82165. The 82165 is similar to the 82166 (
IL to 16 bit parallel buss) but the 82165 is bigger and runs from a HP
82159 wall wart that provides 8 VAC power. The 82166 requires 5 VDC.
>The 82166 was an interface between some 8-bit ports and the HPIL, with
>the controller on the HPIL side. It's a fun device for linking up
>homebrew projects to calculators. There was also a version called the
>82165, which was in the standard case (like the HPIB converter and the
>RS232 converter), and had a DB25-S connector for the 'GPIO' parallel port.
    Yeap, except they have 16 I/O lines and a couple of handshaking lines.
The 16 I/O lines can be software configured as input only, output only or
input & output. They can be software configured as one 16 bit port, two
8-bit ports, etc.

>> OK, that is what I found in the first binder. Somehow I have a feeling
>> I'm gonna wish I had Tony's clues by the time I get done with this.
>Oh come on. I'm not that clueful, surely...
>> -Frank McConnell
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