11/34a help #3

From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_netcom.com>
Date: Wed May 27 16:47:13 1998

  Thanks first to all who have offered help and advice. (Re:
sacrifices... roosters have psitticosis and mites, and as for
virgins... c'mon guys, I'm in *California*.... <g>)

  The computer works; the disk drives don't. Armed with the
printsets for the drive and the controller, and assisted by the Group,
I am reasonably certain that thr RK05 itself is in good shape. I
have simulated all it's 'ready' conditions and it's fine. I have
changed (twice... aarrghhh) the interface cable... all same.

  The RK05 thinks that DCLO is asserted. "Forcing' DCLO at the drive
makes it work. I have measured DCLO and ACLO at the RK11D
backplane.. they are at +5V. In the drive, +30VAC is good into the
control card. On the RK11D, I have traced DCLO to the wirewrap pins,
and it appears good. I have yet to figure out the path DCLO takes
thru the RK11 stack. This problem has been most baffling so far
because DCLO originates in the RK05 and in the RK11 and in the
BA-11.. so it's a multiple-varible with a commaon symptom. I seem
to be converging on it, but if anything jumps out at someone with
some actual field experience with these devices... it might save me
a few more hours of discovering all the various places where the
problem "isn't". ;}

  To Tony Duell: thanks for the e-mail.. I did indeed verify the
itms you mentioned... the 'interlock' circuits are working,
microswitches good, etc.

  ALSO: I would love to have a pointer to the D11W SLU/LTC card
switch settings... at least the baud rate stuff... I want to use my
LA120 as a console rather than the VT100... getting Unix going is
next after the drives a working, and I want hard copy for that. I
have looked and not found this particular info on the Net so far.

  Cheers to all

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