Help identify this not-so-classic board

From: Bill/Carolyn Pechter <>
Date: Thu May 28 19:30:32 1998

> I searched and came up blank! is that the part number or fru number? are you
> sure thats the board number, or just a number for one of the components?
> << trying to find some info about an IBM ISA SCSI board which has
> the following part number etched onto it 75H8895.

That's the board etch or part number. Surplus Direct's selling 'em
for $19.00. The one I have is 75H8895 (I think...)

The only info I could find on it follows from altavista and the guy
who posted it even works in the same group at Lucent (at a
different location)...


> From rmabbot_at_lucent.comm (Rich Abbot)
> Organization Lucent Technologies
> Date Wed, 25 Feb 1998 23:4:28 GMT
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> Howdy all,
> I recently purchased two IBM SCSI cards from Surplus Direct. I've
> seen a lot of controller cards in my time, but these are beaucoup
> weird. Why?
> - no onboard BIOS
> - no internal 50-pin header, only an external Centronics-50
> - unusual onboard parts (more below)
> - no documentation of any kind
> The unusual parts are: a power connector labelled JP3 which
> is identical to the plastic 4-pin power connector commonly
> found on disk drives; a momentary switch S1; an unusual
> 10-pin data connector labelled J4; and a large wirewound
> power resistor (!).
> The rest of the story goes as you would imagine. Called
> SurplusDirect, they read the catalog to me, no additional
> information. Called IBM, never heard of it, must be too
> old to be in the database.
> The part number on the board is 75H8895. The largest
> chip is an Altera PLD device, an EPM032.
> If anyone has made use of this card, I'd love to hear about it.
> I am reluctant to hook it up to any of my SCSI stuff unless I
> know tidbits like how that power connector JP3 is used.
> Thanks in advance for any information!
> Rich
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