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Date: Thu May 28 20:59:52 1998

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>> oh well with my 5150 it has two FH IBM drives in i and they both seem to
>> dead, Ive replaced the controllor card check the dips,
>> checked power output, it seems here in Austrlaia these drives are almost
>> impossable to get a hold of......
>I have schematics for these drives (in the IBM O&A TechRef) and the Tandy
>instructions for aligning the single-sided version. So I think we can get
>them working.
>You say they're 'dead'. How dead? Why you access them, does the motor
>start. Does the spindle rotate? Does the head carriage move to track 0
>when you first boot up the machine (turn off, move the head towards the
>spindle, turn on). Does the LED come on?
>Or do they seem to work, and go through all the motions, but give you
>data errors?
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I get nothing out of them, no motor spin up, no led, no
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