Coleco and Sensation

From: Greg Troutman <>
Date: Thu May 28 21:59:01 1998

Max Eskin wrote:
> Could someone describe to me the Colecovision family entertainment
> system? It's a dual cassette deck with expansion ports, cartridge
> ports, a phone jack, and 9-pin ports. Processor? RAM?

Sounds like you're talking about the ADAM. It's a Z80 based computer
with 64K in it. There was a disk drive option but it's rarely seen in
the wild. One of the DB-9 connectors is actually the power input, which
comes from the printer. If you don't have the printer you'll need to
hack +5, -5, and +12 onto the right pins. I've done that and can get
you the pinout if you need it. Though this system supposedly has a
version of CP/M (never seen it) and some decent (certainly not great)
apps available, the main reason to muck with it is that you can play
Colecovision video games on it. Ladybug rocks!

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