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Date: Fri May 29 09:23:33 1998

        Dang... it's ads like this that make me wish, sometimes, that I were a
lot closer to the midwest....

        Anyway... if you're in a better position than me, and want to give a
good home to a darn good VAXen (definitely late-model), get in touch with
this guy.

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Available immediately:

        VAX 3900, 32Mb, no licenses.
        (2) RA90
        (2) RA70
        Emulex UC07 SCSI controller

Complete only. Removing any part diminishes the value of the rest, and
I don't want to have to scrap it.

20 Miles north of Chicago. You pick it up or pay for shipping.

Serious inquiries only.

Mark E. Levy
System Management Associates, Inc.
OpenVMS, MacOS, Windows 95/NT, Networks
Bruce Lane, SysOp,
The Dragon's Cave BBS (Fido 1:343/272)
kyrrin {at} j<p>s d[o]t n=e=t
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an object, event, or living creature, in our own human terms. It cannot possibly
define any of them!..."
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