old Toshiba laptop help (on topic??)

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Fri May 29 10:18:19 1998

At 02:25 PM 5/29/98 GMT, you wrote:
>On May 29, 6:53, Joe wrote:
>> Cord wrote:
>> >I just picked up an older style laptop that I need some hlp on. It is
>> >a Toshiba T2200SX laptop.
>> >1) I need a battery for this unit. I have the power supply, but the
>> >battery with it won't charge.
>> Your chances of finding another battery are slim. Even if you find one
>> it will be old and probably won't last long. My suggestion is to take it
>> to one of the battery places that rebuild batteries and have them replace
>> the cells in your old battery.
>If you can take the battery pack apart (separate it into single cells) in
>such a way that it could be re-assembled, all is not lost.
>The usual problem with NiCds is that internal crystal growth makes short
>circuits; the battery will show virtually 0V. If you force a sufficiently
>high current through the cell, it will often remove the short. However,
>the current needs to be very high, and has to be of short duration to avoid
>other damage.
>The way I do it, is to charge a large electrolytic capacitor up to 20V -
>30V, connect one side to one end of a cell with a short thick wire, and
>touch ("flash") the other side to the other end with another short thick
>wire. The spark is usually fairly dramatic, so it's best to touch the wire
>to the terminals and not the case (lest the arc burn through it), and use
>eye protection. Repeat as required until the cell shows some reasonable

  The problem with this is that the crystal growth puctures the separator
membrain between the two electrodes. That usually usually ruins the cells.
They may last for a short while but that's all. High current can also
cause the cell vents to open and then the electrolyte leaks out and ruins
what ever the batteries are in. Replacement batteries are cheap, it's not
worth the risk IMO.

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