old Toshiba laptop help (on topic??)

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Date: Fri May 29 14:01:30 1998

Big snip

all that popping the cells with mega uF cap. That is very short term
solution and risky. Runs chances of explosion.

Best way is to get that pack rebuilt or new one. Cells themselves is
most expensive part of whole thing.

I priced several packs when I was reearching into rebuilding or new
packs. Cost difference is not that remarkable between rebuilt and
new packs even generic ones.

And you won't know which pack is very easy to rebuild until broken
open. Worst pack I tried to do rebuild on was LTE 386s/20. It has a
strange mini circuit board that govern fast/trickling mode only with
pack's 2 terminals also serving as same point for computer power form
battery. That failed after 1 fast charge mode. It now stuck at
trickling mode, takes 3 days to charge a 1700mAh 19.2V pack.

Jason D.
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