IBM Techref's available?

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Fri May 29 20:29:37 1998

I emailed IBM. they said they transferred the stuff to someplace
called Greenleaf computers (I think, not sure). I didn't bother to
pursue it. They will be happy to give you the phone #.
>> Hi,
>> Are technical references for IBM XT's / 286 machines avaialbe from
>> still? If so then I assume that they charge quite a bit of money for
>> them!
>AFAIK, all are out of print, but IBM probably have some remaining stock
>of most of them. I bought several manuals about a year ago.
>The XT Model 286 manual is unavailable.
>The others that you might need are :
>XT and Portable PC
>AT suplement for the type 2 board
>(those contain schematics of the motherboard and keyboard, BIOS
sources, etc)
>Options and Adapters. 2 volumes covering just about every card for the
>and XT, monitors, drives, etc.
>O&A AT update (16 bit cards, serial/parallel adapter, etc)
>Scientific O&A (GPIB, DAC, PGC, etc)
>PC-jr (PC-jr motherboard _and all option cards_ for it in one manual)
>I posted the forms numbers (which you need to get them from IBM) on
>list a few months back - it's probably in the archives somewhere...
>They're not cheap, but not too expensive IMHO. Figure on \pounds 50.00
>per volume. I was pleasantly supprised by the ammount of information
>I got.
>> Jules

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