CTOS/BTOS recovery

From: R. Stricklin <red_at_bears.org>
Date: Fri May 29 21:36:52 1998


I recently picked up some more Convergent machines at a thrift shop. I was
pretty amazed; my 186 model was the only one I'd ever seen. Now I've got
286 and 386 models. Wow!

Anyway, I also picked up a few disk modules. Two 85 MB modules, I think.
(compare to my existing pair of 10 MB modules...) One is an 'expansion'
and needs to be connected to another disk module to work.

My problem is this: the one disk that has CTOS installed was set up as a
'Cluster Controller' and actually has accounts and passwords set up. I can
just press 'Go' at the login on my CM001 and use the system. This doesn't
work on the new system.

Is there a way I can recover the files on this disk (meaning the OS and
application software)? I have OS disks for the standalone version, but I'd
like to preserve the cluster controller so starting over is a
less-than-ideal option. I do have other working systems and parts
available to press into service for the cause.

Thoughts, hints, suggestions?

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