11/34a runs now...

From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_netcom.com>
Date: Sat May 30 00:04:19 1998

  Many thanks to the Listmembers who have offered suggestions and
assistance and info.. I have discovered (and rectified) the problem
with my RK05 talking to it's host.

 I could get into a long shaggy-dog story here, but basically I had
the *drive* end of the interface cable in bass-ackward.

>>> DOH! <<<

(Lame excuse: it's the end you can't see)

And now the terminal sez:

RT-11SJ V02C-02


kewl, huh?

And, even though the problem turned out to be a forehead-slapper, I
must say that I have learned great gobs of stuff about how the drive
works, how it interfaces, and what makes it tick. I would *never*
have had the opportunity to get such (rare) understanding, had it
not been for the long diagnostic journey. And that is one of my
goals in collecting these things: to know them well enough to keep
them on the air, and to be able to share that knowledge with others
in return.

  Thanks to Tony Duell, Tim Shoppa, Ward Griffiths, and Huw Davies for
their generous assistance.

Now: get the RL02s on-line, find formatter for the Kennedy 9trk,
find an interface for the System Industries 470M drive, get Unix
running, &tc; &tc; &tc.

 But.. TRW Ham/Electronic/Computer swapmeet is tomorrow, the 28th
(Sat) here in SoCal... and I'm heading that way... to find all the
goodies before Marvin has a chance at them.



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