Saturday Acquisitions

From: Marvin <>
Date: Sat May 30 21:01:17 1998

Today was a reasonably good day for picking up computer stuff. Todays

$ 5.00 Aim65
$ 5.00 HP85
$15.00 HP85B
$ 4.00 Heathkit Robotics Manuals (2)
$50.00 Alpha MicroSystems w/ spare boards

Does anyone know the differences between the HP85 and HP85B? While I
have the docs to the HP86 and HP87, I have no docs with the 85's <sigh>.

Also picked up a The Complete Hand Scanner, card, and manuals for $20.
I would not have gotten it except I was give a Complete Page Scanner,
and needed an I/O card to try it out. Many thanks to John without whose
help I would have most likely never even seen most of this stuff :).
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