From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Sat May 30 23:52:46 1998

Doug Yowza <> writes:
> I bumped into Frank "Reanimator" McConnell and Paul "Sun Worshiper" Coad
> today, and while Paul scrounged for Sun parts, Frank and I did the
> "one for you, one for me" thing over a pile of old^H^H^H classic books.

> We both left behind the most complete Modula-2 library I have ever seen,

Not to mention some undoubtedly fascinating volumes on traffic
signals. Here's what seems to have followed me home:

Arithmetic Operations in Digital Computers, Richards, 1955
Computer System Organization: The B5700/B6700 Series, Organick, 1973
  (Oooh! Another stack machine!)
Currents in the Theory of Computing, Aho (ed.), 1973
Decimal Computation, Schmid, 1974
Implementing Software for Non-Numeric Applications, Waite, 1973
Information Theory and Coding, Abramson, 1963
Internal Sorting Methods Illustrated with PL/1 Programs, Rich, 1972
Low Density Parity-Check Codes, Gallager, 1963
Microprogramming Primer, Katzan, 1977
Sequential Machines: Selected Papers, Moore (ed.), 1964
Systems Programming, Donovan, 1972

Oh, and the IEEE 802.2 (LLC), 802.4 (token bus), and 802.5 (token
ring) standards. Curiously enough, I was looking for the first of
these at work this week, and the last one may be of use to me too.

> After I get my study-at-home PhD in Obsolete Hardware Engineering, I'd be
> happy to loan/trade/sell a few of these titles.

Similar offer: if you're in the San Francisco Bay Area and have an
interest in these, ask, I'm willing to loan them out. Maybe even if
you're not in the Bay Area and can convince me that sending them is
a worthwhile thing to do. I definitely want to read the Organick
book first, though.

-Frank McConnell
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