RL-02 Question

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_ix.netcom.com>
Date: Sun May 31 12:04:54 1998

In the pile of stuff I got yesterday was an RL-02 and a Q-Bus controller
for it. I've placed the Q-Bus controller in one of my SMS-1000's
(PDP-11/73), and am trying to get the drive to spin up.

Looking through my archives of the mailing list, it looks like the drive
itself is fine. I think my problem is on the PDP end.

The motor spins for about 15 seconds, I hear the click, but the fault light
stays on. I've reversed the way I've got the cable plugged into the board,
but still know luck.

I suspect my problem is that the SMS-1000 doesn't support RL-02's. The
Boot ROM's seem to be built into the beast, and I suspect it only supports
Hard Drives (DU), TK50's and floppies.

I guess my next project is to try and attach a TK-50 to the machine, as I
got a small stack of TK50's with the stuff yesterday, and it looks like
they've got TSX-11-something on them. Do PDP-11's have the VAX equivalent
of Standalone Backup?


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