RSX-11M Questions.

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun May 31 14:00:23 1998

I'd just like to say... THE /73 BOOTS FROM TAPE!!!

On the downside, I haven't any idea what to do. I was able to get 7 RL-02
packs, some of which are supposedly bootable, and a stack of TK-50's
yesterday, but the documentation had been trashed. :^( He still had the
binders, and there must have been 3-4 feet of docs at one time :^(

So bear with me, I've not got any documentation (donations gladly accepted :^)

The tape boots up to the following:

RSX-11M/RSX-11M-PLUS Standalone Copy System V03

RSX-11M/RSX-11M-PLUS Standalone Configuration and Disk Sizing Program

Valid Switches are:
        /CSR=nnnnnn to change the default CSR
        /VEC=nnn to change the default device vector
        /FOR=n to change the default magtape formatter number
        /DEV to list all default device CSR and vectors

Enter first device:

I went ahead and told it /DEV and it printed out a list of different
devices stating what was present. It sees my Hard Drive and the TK50. The
question is, what is this, and what do I do? I just tried entering 'DU0:'
and it took that, but that seems to be the limit of my ability to fathom it

BTW I pulled the RL-02 controller out that I was asking about earlier for this.


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