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From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_netcom.com>
Date: Sun May 31 20:16:31 1998

 Well, since we have raised the topic of RL02... I have a pair that
I (for some reason) would like to have hanging on my freshly-undead

I have the RL11 (M7762) and two 02s, whose 'READY' lites have '0'
and '1' respectively. I have no other docs or info presently. [NOTE
I would love to purchase / pay for copying / trade for these docs]

  I have put the controller in place of a bus grant cardlet, and
have the cables properly done and the terminator on drive '1'. I
have a disk pack marked RT-ll V5 that was in drive 0 when I got
them, and all the hardware came as a (once working) set.

  I have the old 9301 boot card in now... I have a 9312 that came
with the RL02 system but it causes the 11/34 to hang on power-up.

 From posts addressed to Zane.. I think that I have controller
issues... and I certainly have no idea how to place/configure the
RL11.. but at least the Magic Smoke is staying in the ICs where it


  Second question: I have several RT-11 disks for the RK05... they
*all* boot from ODT (via the 'DK' command) but once KMON is active it
gets autistic... the dot prompt appears, but any and all commands
elicit the ?ILL CMD? response.... and that's it. It does this with
each and every one (6 discs so far) I have the docs for RT-11 V2, and
the Quick Reference booklets... and a working 11/73 with V5 on it..
so I'm a little familiar with RT-11. Does this above behavior point
to anything stupid I'm doing, or......?

  And to think: I gave up Volunteer Bomb Disposal for this......


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