RX02 Repair

From: steve.lubbers_at_barco.com <(steve.lubbers_at_barco.com)>
Date: Tue Aug 3 07:50:30 1999

I've been trying to bring my old RX02 drive back to life, with little

I just received a good bootable floppy, and get the same results as with all
my old disks, so now I'm looking for hardware problems.

On a PDP-11/03, With RXV21 controller, and an RX02 drive, the RX02
initializes, attempts to read the boot block, and crashes to ODT at 000600.

> In examining what my system reads as it attempts to boot, it looks like I
> read every other 128 byte chunk correctly. I haven't figured out a
> to the corrupt sections.

Does anyone have any RX02 diagnostics, or hardware trouble shooting tips?

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