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From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Tue Aug 3 11:29:27 1999

> I have a Texas Instruments T1-99/4A computer and related books for it and I
> also have a Sinclair 1000 with related books. Can you tell me if they are of
> value and/or use to anyone out there ?

Well, Value ? This is _very_ dependant on the condition and the
situation (and of course, as always, on the buyer 'need':).

A 99/4A can range from USD 2,- (just the unit in used condition)
up to USD 30-70 (New, unused, original packed, never opened with
no damages on the box). PS: The white units may score way higher
in Europe, since they never where sold in masses over here. PPS:
a Ti 99/4 (no A) will also range higher, especialy when in mint/
unused condition.

A Timex/Sinclair may earn you USD 2-5 (used, with PS) or score
a whooping USD 50,- as a new never opened box.

Well, it's up to you.

Any use for the old stuff ? Again personal choice - run the old
games etc ... or just collect them (belive me, there are some
realy wiered guys (and gals) out there :).


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