AT/370 and XT/370

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Aug 4 09:02:31 1999

> The PS/2 newsgroup has been talking about the AT and XT models that
> included a pair of cards that allowed fairly complete, if a bit slow, 370
> mainframe emulation. Anybody every run across any of these?

Heared of yes, run across no - but I realy like to have one,
not only for the historic value, since I'm an old /370 die

Add on: there has also been a similar solution in the same
time frame, from Siemens. But instead of using a ISA Bus
machine (PC XT/AT) they took their PC-MX2 (Sinix (Unix V
and BSD), NS 32032 CPU, Multibus) system as base for the
PC-2000. The /370 alike multibus board was build around
a modified 68020 - Achtung: thats _not_ an emulation, since
the 68020 did get a new micro code to run native /370 objects.
Well, and of course an adapted version of BS2000 (the Siemens
mainframe OS).


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