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Date: Wed Aug 4 07:24:08 1999

> I wonder which antique store I bought that dictionary from... :)
> Here's my definition: "One who adapts an existing piece of computer (or
> other type) of hardware to suit one's needs or to improve it without
> instruction from the original manufacturer."

Orginal: Hacker

Very close the polo hacker example. The early computer "hackers" were
often people either not trained in technical sicesnces or specifically not
in computer sciences that were attempting to make computers do so task
they desired or envisioned. In that context I clearly was on in the 8008
and early 8080 days as who could take college courses that didn't yet
exist on microcomputer design and programming.

In later years it would be perverted into the form we know now that
referes to a non expert(?) whos goal it is to undermine computers
generally not their own.

> I also thought that the people who screwed with viruses and software and
> such were "crackers" (which my dictionary describes as a 'dry, thin bread
> substance").

That term was used at one time for those that were more interested in
breaking system security.

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