New arrival... (s)?

From: James Willing <>
Date: Wed Aug 4 23:56:55 1999

Well, it just goes to prove once again that not all of the rocks have been
turned over.

Based on a recent tip from another collector, I've managed to knock one
more item off of the Computer Garage 'Most Wanted' list with the arrival of
an IMSAI dual floppy disk sub-system.

No software or docs with it, but that just adds to the adventure! B^}

Something about the unit suggests that the previous owner ran CP/M on it,
but as to just what that clue is I will leave without explaination. (that
way you have to look at the pictures) <G>

The images are immediately post-unpacking, so the unit has not been
cleaned, checked out, or powered up... but its here!!!

Hmmm... I wonder if there is a copy of IMSDOS buried around here
somewhere??? <BG>

And hopefully (if Murphy does not interfere) by the end of the weekend yet
another item will be struck from the list! Stay Tuned!!


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