IBM/XT Y2K Compliancy

From: Dwight Elvey <>
Date: Thu Aug 5 14:27:32 1999

 A while back, I had to come up with a clock system that
would work with a simple clock chip that only went up to months
but not years. The machine did have some other non-volitile
memory so here is how I delt with it.
 I had what I called a half year counter. If when the machine turned
on, the clock chip thought it was in early half of the year
and the RAM said it was in the last half, I'd update the year
and reset the bit. The only requirement here was that the
machine had to be turned on at least once every 6 months
or soemone had to reset the time.
 Why they couldn't have done something as simple as this for
the century, I don't know.
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