IBM/XT Y2K Compliancy

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Date: Thu Aug 5 15:55:15 1999

every IBM machine with a bios date of 1996 or later will automagically roll
over to the next century. Previous machines will simply have to have the date
command invoked to set the century. I set the date on my PCjr and it accepted
01-01-2000 no problem.

supr 'building my bomb shelter for y2k' dave

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<< >>Are the IBM/XT, IBM/AT and PS/2 computers hardware Y2K compliant? I'm not
 Every brand of computer has a Y2K section on their website, best to refer
 to that for specific information.
 The only systems I am familiar with are several of the old 486 compaq's I
 have include a SIIG extended bios card that is supposed to make them Y2K
 compliant, and the IBM PS/2 model 95 have a bios patch for some units. >>
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