Syquest Sydos Puma 88

From: Phil Clayton <>
Date: Thu Aug 5 19:56:34 1999

Still trying to find a DOS driver to use my newly acquired Sydos Puma 88
I found this information of Syquest's web site but was not able to find
the drivers they mentioned.
Does anyone have one of these units or know where I can find the drivers
and manuals ?

Thanks.. Phil

                    TB8010 - SyDOS PUMA Subsystems

                     The SyDOS PUMA 44 and 88 MB units were produced for
the PC
                     marketplace by the SyDOS division of SyQuest. SyDOS
was a
                     division of SyQuest located in Florida. Its
function was to provide
                     products for the DOS marketplace. Some of its
parallel port products
                     used the SyQuest SQ555 and SQ5110 SCSI drives in a
                     with a parallel to SCSI adapter card, power supply,
etc. This hardware
                     interface card with the SyQuest drivers installed
the SQ drives into the
                     DOS 3.0 through 6.22 operating systems.

                     The manufacturer of the hardware PP to SCSI
interface is no longer in
                     business. With the release of Win'95 requiring some
                     hardware interface support, the PUMA units can not
be updated to be
                     Win'95 compliant. This additional hardware
requirement makes the
                     update to Win'95 real mode drivers unavailable. On
some systems the
                     PAR driver can install the PUMA unit in the DOS
Compatibility mode.
                     This greatly depends on the hardware in your PC

                     The PUMA unit was developed before the release of
Win'95 and the
                     ECP/EPP hardware. Some older 486 class PCs should
be able to
                     install the PUMA units in the DOS Compatibility
mode. The newer the
                     PC, the less likely the installation will be
successful. SyQuest drivers,
                     utilities, and readme files are in our download
section or

                     The PUMA1.ZIP and PUMA2.ZIP files are the two files
containing the
                     driver and utilities for these units. You must use
PKUNZIP to extract
                     the driver and utilities.
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