Novel/Eagle NE1000 & NE2000 ethernet cards (& others)

From: Mark <>
Date: Fri Aug 6 06:48:43 1999


Recently I picked up a load of Ethernet cards (some nicer PCI bus mastering
ones -- excellent for Linux etc. -- are for sale, btw).

NE1000 & NE2000
Amongst these are what I believe to be Novell/Eagle Technology NE1000 and
NE2000 cards. Now, I have found jumper info for these two, and got them to
work on a simple two-computer peer-to-peer Windows 95 network.

The NE2000 works fine. The NE1000 seems to also, except when trying to copy a
40MB file to the computer which contains the NE1000, it hangs part-way through
(this happens every time). Either this is a fault, or simply a deficiency --
perhaps the other computer is sending data too fast for the NE1000 to keep up,
and it gets confused?

Anyway, I'd like to get the official/original drivers, documentation and
diagnostic programs for these cards. I looked at, but
there seemed to be nothing there. Eagle Technology don't seem to exist any
more, or don't have a web site. There appeared to be some NE1000/2000 stuff at, but it turns out that this is for the NE2000+, whatever
that is.

Does anyone know if there is some other Novell web or FTP site that has info on
their ethernet cards? Here's some info about my two cards.

NE1000: 8-bit ISA card. Novell warranty label has date code 2789. Text
silk-screened on PCB reads BD.# 738-160-001 REV. C ASSY.# 810-160-001 REV. C

NE2000: Warranty label on rear has data code 5092, says manufactured by Eagle
Technology. Text silk-screened on PCB reads BD.# 738-149-002 REV. C ASSY.#
810-149-002 REV. C

IBM Ethernet card FRU 48G7170
I also got a couple of these. They seem quite nice, having BNC, RJ45 and AUI
connectors plus two indicator LEDs. A label on the PCB reads FRU 48G7170. Both
cards have boot ROMs fitted, on which a label reads 60G3312. If anyone need to
make a boot ROM for this type of card, I have dumped the data from them.

This card is configured using a DOS setup program. The only jumper on the card
is labelled J5. Does anyone know what the purpose of the J5 jumper is?

Oldest PC ethernet cards?
Drifting slightly back on topic, which companies made the earliest ethernet
cards for PCs? How much did they originally cost?

-- Mark
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