New arrival... (s)? (pt. II)

From: James Willing <>
Date: Sat Aug 7 01:31:39 1999

...a few days ago I scribbled...

> ...And hopefully (if Murphy does not interfere) by the end of the weekend
yet another > item will be struck from the list! Stay Tuned!!

Well, it happened! Ducking 'Murphy' vibes all the way, (deal was a bit
shaky right up until the end) but another one falls from the list!

An early Altair 680 with full front panel joined the collection tonight.
No docs or software (see a request coming on?), but it is pretty good shape
and appears to be reasonably coherent. I'll be able to tell a bit more
once I find some basic specs on it and can figure out how the serial port
is configured.

It has been a good week! (quality over quantity) Pictures on the web site!


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