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From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Sat Aug 7 11:13:14 1999

        Regarding that spam from the fellow selling computer parts...

        First, let me say that I've been actively fighting spam since I first got
a dial-up 'net account in 1994. I've seen a lot of spams, and I've gotten
to where I can usually tell when someone may have made an honest error in
judgment, as far as advertising their new business, vs. actually doing
intentional spam.

        The spam from Mr. Holtzclaw had the feel of an honest error to it. Here
are the actions I've taken.

        1). I have traced back the spam to its source, and notified the ISP
involved ( was indeed the source). Their AUP specifically prohibits
spamming, so I would not be surprised if Mr. Holtzclaw starts looking for a
new provider very soon.

        2). I have sent a note to Mr. Holtzclaw, something I almost never do,
explaining -- POLITELY -- about spam, about what he did, and where to find
web resources that explain what spam is and why it is a Bad Thing.

        I'll keep the group updated with any responses I receive. Oh, and I also
sent a message to our (perhaps justifiably) overzealous member who wanted
to fire off a DoS attack on the responsible mail server. I have asked him
not to do so, as fighting abuse with more abuse never gets anything done.

        Onward we go...!

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