IBM Laptop Keyboards

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sun Aug 8 02:22:19 1999

>The local Hospice organization is having their annual flea market. One of the
>workers pulled me aside and asked if I knew anyone that could use a box of 16
>brand new replacement keyboards for IBM laptops. Neither of us know what
>they are for. He gave them to me to sell as they would have been dumpstered.
>If anyone is interested please contact me off list for shipping etc info. I
>will be asking for 2 checks. One to Hospice and one to me for actual shipping
>costs. The one to Hospice is for what you feel they are worth. Keep in mind
>they are a non profit organization and the flea market is how they raise funds
>for the local home.
>The IBM P/N 07G1103
>FRO P/N 07G1735
>EC No. C81240
>Then under the bar code is *1M630037331
>They do not have the pointer nub in the middle of the keyboard so I know they
>are for an older model. Might even meet the 10 year rule.:)
>FWIW almost all of the PC related stuff that I get in the course of my
>gets donated to Hospice for this annual flea market.

I found this post via dejanews in 1997, looks like they didn't know what it
went to then, but I bet its the source for what you now have.

Further digging hints at these being for the L40 portable, but I found
nothing certain.


Model #: 07G1103>FRU P/N:07G1735
Ec no.: C81240 (new & individually wrapped)
1200 available -Take all- US$24.75 ea.
List Price US$177.00ea.To verify list$ call
IBM _at_ 1-800-388-7080
Company: PlaNET Resource Canada
Contact: Mike
Email :
Phone :
FAX : 403 424-4833
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