DG Nova III for rescue

From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_netsync.net>
Date: Sun Aug 8 09:06:02 1999

Upon the date 09:35 AM 8/8/99 +0000, Joe said something like:
> I thought I sent this to the full list but Zane told me that I only sent
>it to the auction notification list. So here it is again.
> A friend of mine found a DG Nova III in a local scrap yard. He says that
>it looks complete and in good shape and that it doesn't look like it's been
>rained on yet. He says that it's in two ~ 5' tall cabinets and has a reel
>to reel tape drive and four terminals. Anyone want to rescue this? I DO
>NOT have room/time/money to rescue and/or to ship it. If you want it, come
>and get it. It's located in Sanford, Florida.

Dang! Way too far away and I'm way too broke anyway. This is a somewhat
scarce machine. Haven't heard of one available for some lengthy time now.
Somebody rescue it please!

Good luck, Chris
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