Spiffy Little Hamfest Find

From: Anthony Clifton - Wirehead <wirehead_at_retrocomputing.com>
Date: Sun Aug 8 17:08:05 1999

Found an AIM-65 at a hamfest today (at the Amana Colonies near
Cedar Rapids, Iowa) for $1.00. It's got the cheesiest brown,
plastic case I've ever seen, a cut little printer built in,
an ascii keyboard, a funky led display and not much else.

I haven't powered it up yet since it seems to want 12 and 24
volts and I don't have a 24 volt supply handy.

Does anyone have the pinouts for the expansion and application
connectors on this little guy?

Also, there's a switch that lets you switch between keyboard and
tty but I see no place to connect a tty, not even a little dual
inline connector or anything appropriate. Clues?


Anthony Clifton - Wirehead
Received on Sun Aug 08 1999 - 17:08:05 BST

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