14" hard drive refurbish question (7900A)

From: Daniel T. Burrows <danburrows_at_mindspring.com>
Date: Mon Aug 9 21:30:17 1999

>1) Everyone said because the lower platter is fixed, there's no concern for
>alignment, precision, feeler guages, etc. Just unbolt the heads, clean 'em,
>and bolt 'em back on. No special checks and so forth. Before I unbolt them
>wanted to double check and make sure I wasn't about to do anything silly.
>So - just unbolt, remove, clean, rebolt, and power up?

Don't forget to vacumn the dust!!! And change the air filter.
>2) I was thinking (bad sign <grin>)...if the heads contacted the platter
>enough to scrape off a nice circle of oxide, won't cleaning the heads and
>replacing the platter accomplish nothing? What I mean is - isn't it very
>likely that whatever caused them to scrape in the first place won't be
>by a new lower platter and cleaned heads? What am I missing here?

The first time you spin it up I would unplug the head positioner and let it
spin for 10 minutes without the heads loading to be sure to get the last of
the dust out. I don't know if the HP will stay spinning if it does not find
a servo track however. If it doesn't then spin it up and down several times
before allowing the heads to load.
What you have done along with above comments are all I ever used to do.

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